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Books with Jams

About Me

Hey there! I am Jamele Medina, aka “Jams”, thank you for stopping by and checking out my page!  I have been a book nerd for years now, and after starting a book club at my work as well as joining a couple others, I thought, why not take my passion (and opinions) to the interwebs?!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I am from Dallas and have lived here my entire life, which has been for 41 years now. Whaat?!?
  • I was adopted at birth, and could not have been more blessed. I love my family and it absolutely makes my day when people tell my sister that my niece (who is 5!) looks like me.
  • Even though I have not lived anywhere else, and don’t think I will, I love to travel. New York is my ALL TIME favorite city and I make it a point to go a few times a year. London is a close second and I went back for a visit in 2018!
  • I work for a Bank and lead their Enterprise Risk group. Basically I get to work with really great people and help them manage their top risks.
  • I am a proud mom to a sassy Pomeranian / Papillon mix named Pepper, she keeps me busy.
  • My other hobbies (besides all things reading, duh) – coffee and wine, all things Bravo, true crime shows, podcasts (Murderinos anyone??), football (go Cowboys!), and hanging with said niece above as well as my nephew (and sister / brother-in-law of course!)
  • My all-time favorite book is Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier.

Enough about me, now let’s talk books!!

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